How to Tighten Your Vagina Naturally DIY at Home

How to Tighten Your Vagina

Don’t you love to confidently enjoy sexual intercourse with your partner and feel great about it? While good bedtime is positively correlated to positive emotions, sometimes it can be affected by physical factors of genitals such as the size of a penis and looseness of a vagina.

However, that doesn’t mean you will not continue to have those youthful outbursts of sexual life as there are a couple of remedies that you can apply to make your vagina tighter. Having a loose vagina can be stressful as it affects your emotional life to a great extent even lowering your self-esteem. The worst part is that some ladies continue to suffer in secret about this issue and feel embarrassed to ask for solutions.

Girl, don’t feel embarrassed, it is not your fault and if this helps; this problem affects most women. That is why homemakers and husband keepers are frequently looking for ways to make their vaginas tighter to make their sexual life pleasurable. Tighten your vagina and make your partner feel like there is no greater and sweeter place like home.

What causes your Vagina to be loose?

Remember that we said that you don’t have to feel embarrassed about having a loose vagina, this is the reason. It is important to understand that a vagina does not become loose by having a lot of sex with your partner, so do not limit yourself.

As you get aroused, your vaginal muscles loosen a bit to allow an erect penis to penetrate easily. However, according to Psychology Today, an arousal related vaginal loosening does not make your vagina loose permanently. Nonetheless, the following major experiences will truly make it loose;

Pregnancy and Childbearing

When you become pregnant, your pelvic muscles receive a lot of hormones that stretch them in order to get them ready to loosen up for delivery. Similarly, during childbirth, a vagina stretches a great deal. In most young women in their late teens and early twenties, the effect of stretching is not profound.

This is because after six months from delivery the vagina will almost feel as it was before giving birth according to Psychology Today. On the other hand, having multiple child births at that period will also loosen your vagina as the muscles are greatly, consistently stretched and fatigued. As a consequence, they will no longer contract back to their original position irrespective of age.


Similarly, aging also fatigues vaginal muscles whether you have had a child or not. Therefore, women who likely delay their childbearing until 30 or after will have high chances of complaining about looseness. This is because they combine the effects of aging vaginal muscles with the stress posed by childbearing on the muscles.

According to Healthline, as most women reach their 40s, they begin to see a change in the elasticity of their vaginas. That is because the estrogen levels start to drop during the perimenopausal stage. Reduction in this hormone production results in having thinner, less acidic, drier and less flexible vagina.

Medical conditions

Pelvic surgeries and hysterectomies are associated with a loose vagina. This is because they make the vaginal muscles to become weak. Consequently, intake of certain drugs for long periods can have an impact on your hormones making your vaginal walls to weaken leading to a loose vagina.


After menopause, the concentration of female sex hormone decreases drastically. This decreased hormonal concentration especially estrogen causes relaxation of vaginal muscle wall. The outcome of reduced estrogen is thinner, less flexible, less acidic and dry vagina.

Other Causes Of Loose Vagina Are


It decreases the hormonal sensitivity of normal cells. Obesity also reduces the female sex hormone concentrations. There are some conditions like endometriosis of ovary. Which decreases the female sex hormone condition. It can be overcome just by weight reduction.

Previous Gynaecological Surgery

A gynecological procedure involves cutting and suturing the non-functioning or affected female reproductive organ. The incised part is sutured and healed by fibrosis. Due to this the normal vaginal elastic part is replaced by non-elastic fibrous tissue. This results in loss of elasticity.

Frequent Lifting Of Heavy Items

A woman who is lifting heavy weight for a long time has more chances to develop loose vagina at an early age. Lifting heavy weight causes the abdominal muscle to stretch. Thus all the abdominal organ are pushed inward and downward. The abdominal organ creates a tensile force on the pelvic diaphragm. Thus resulting in loosening of vaginal and pelvic muscles.

  • Frequent Sneezing and Coughing
  • Frequent constipation
  • A chronic Backache
  • Previous pelvic trauma
  • Regular intense exercise

Health Effects of loose Vagina

According to WHO,

“Health is a state of complete physical, social and mental well being.”

Any bodily dysfunction affects all the aspects of health so is the loose vagina.

Physically a woman with a loose vagina is not able to please her partner and there is difficulty to achieve sexual pleasure. Other medical problems associated with the loose vagina are: 

Mentally, a woman with the loose vagina has decreased confidence level and mental disturbance might be there. This is because of lack of sexual pleasure in life.

Social well being here denotes, the relationship status of a woman with her partner. The relationship status deteriorates because of lack of sexual pleasure and good enough sexual experience.

Sign Of Loose and Unhealthy Vagina:

Vagina has great capability to heal itself. It is because of the acidic secretions and the bacterial flora but in case of the loose vagina the chances of infection rises. It can be understood as bigger the orifice, greater are the chances of infectious organisms to invade.

The surface area exposed to the external environment in case of a loose vagina is also increased. This increased surface area allows more of the air to enter from outside. As soon as the external environment comes in direct contact with the vagina, the defense system is also lowered.

The vagina has a tendency to become dry and itchy. The secretions are also increased to overcome, but due to the presence of infections, the foul smell discharge can also happen.

You can come to know all by yourself by looking at some symptoms that are because of loose vagina.

1. Difficulty to achieve orgasm

The ultimate goal of intercourse is to achieve orgasm. If you came to notice that achieving orgasm has become difficult as compare to earlier then it is the first sign of loose vagina that is noticed by a woman primarily. A woman who has tight vagina has many numbers of orgasms compared to a woman who has a loose vagina.

The number of orgasms is not an only issue with a loose vagina. You can not satisfy your partner also. Sex is supposed to be enjoyed from both sides. With a tight vagina, not only you will reach the multiple orgasms but you can detect the orgasm and control it also whenever it approaches.

2. Insensitivity to Small Objects

If you are feeling that small objects are not capable to satisfy you and you are having difficulty in feeling stimulated then there are chances that your vulva has lost its elasticity. Women with a loose vagina have a tendency to insert big objects in the vagina to find sexual pleasure.

This indicates that male partner is not capable to satisfy the women sexually. A woman should be able to feel when something is inside her, but the problem arises here because of the loose vagina, the sensitivity also decreases.

3. Reduced Sexual Pleasure

If you are suffering from loose vagina then it is obvious that you will find out the reduced sexual pleasure compared to earlier years. You can observe that your husband doesn’t enjoy the sex anymore with you. So why take a chance, if you can get rid of the loose vagina at home without any special treatment.

Reduced sexual pleasure is one of the leading causes that ruin nicely running relationships. A healthy sexual life is comparable to a healthy lifestyle.

4. Urinary Stress Infection

Most of the women with loose vagina experience leakage of urine. It is known as “stress incontinence”. It happens because the pelvic muscles and sphincter that controls the urine discharge become weak.

Stress incontinence is different from the common incontinence in which urinary leakage happens due to increased activities. Urinary incontinence increases the risk of ascending urinary tract infection that includes fever, urethritis, burning micturition and pus cells from the urine. If the loose vagina is supplemented with diabetes mellitus then the infection can also ascend up to the kidney.

5. Difficulty to Grip the Index Finger

This is the simplest way to find out. Simply insert your forefinger into the vagina then try to grasp it with the labia by pelvic muscle contraction then insert your middle and index finger. Now compare the tightness felt with the forefinger only. If you are able to insert the middle, ring and index finger and can not feel anything. Then it is more likely that you have a loose vagina.

Importance of having a Tight Vagina

To boost your self-esteem

The thought of having a loose vagina can kill your morale of having sex as you will always wonder whether you are sufficiently satisfying your partner. This can lead to low levels of confidence affecting your sex life. To have good sex, you need to be confident and emotionally prepared. So having a tight vagina will make a woman feel more appealing to her partner.

To Have Pleasurable Sex

Yes, having a tight vagina helps you to have better sensations during sexual intercourse. This is because a tighter vagina increases friction between your vagina walls and your partner’s penis. As a result, you will be able to feel your partner adequately and efficiently penetrating you.

This will lead to great stimulation enabling you to achieve high orgasm levels. Consequently, your partner will feel every sensation as he thrusts inside your vagina and be confident that he is doing a great job.

To stop leakages

Pelvic floor muscles help to control leakage of urine especially when straining, sneezing and coughing. Having weak pelvic muscles can lead to loss of vaginal sensitivity, urinary and stress incontinence according to WebMD.  However, with a tight vagina will a have a high probability of controlling and fading off these problems associated with weak pelvic muscles.

How to Tighten Your Vagina Naturally?

After finding out that the factors that make your vagina loose are natural & normal. Knowing the advantages of having a tight vagina, the real question that needs to be answered now is how to get a tighter vagina?

Well following are some of the ways by which you can tighten your vagina naturally DIY at home;

How to Tighten Your Vagina Naturally

Method 1: Incorporate Some Exercises in Routine

1) Practice Kegel Exercises

This exercise has become important as it strengthens the pelvic muscles. When CONSISTENTLY done over a period of time it bears great results. This exercise is performed by squeezing your inner pelvic muscles. The first phase of this exercise is to find those muscles by stopping yourself while urinating.

The muscles that stopped the urine are the ones you need to concern yourself with and not thighs, butt or abdominal ones. After that, on your free time, you can take 10 to 15 minutes daily to do the Kegel exercise. Contract the pelvic floor muscles and hold them for few seconds and release. Continue practice on prolonging the time taken to hold the contractions. The good part about this exercise is that it can be done anywhere without anyone noticing as it is discreet.

2) Yoga

Yoga involves a lot of routines that are beneficial to the body from learning to relax to making your body fit. Some of its routines involve exercising the pelvic muscles. Continual yoga exercises result in the strengthening of these muscles leading to better contractions.

As a consequence of that, your vaginal walls start becoming tighter increasing intercourse sexual pleasure. If your body is fit for yoga, you can begin here. If not, don’t be alarmed there are a couple other ways to make your vagina tighter.

3) Squats

Doing squats has a lot of extensive benefits and one of those is tightening your vagina. However, there is a catch. To rip the benefits of this exercise, you need to do the squats properly on your own or under supervisions of a gym instructor.

Stand in a posture where your feet are outside your hip width while placing your toes out. Check whether your feet are leveled and pretend to sit on a chair with your chest lifted and spine in neutral position. Then, stand by pushing yourself from the heel and not your toes. Over time, you will begin to feel that your vagina is getting tighter.

4) Pelvic Stretch

This is another exercise to do at home. Pelvic stretch exercises are designed especially for muscles of the pelvic floor. These help to prevent the looseness of pelvic floor muscles. To do this exercise, all you need to have is a chair. Directions for the exercise are:

  • Place the chair in an even place, now sit on the edge of the chair with making the feet apart.
  • Now place the hand on the knee with elbow turned downward.
  • Now bend forward from your ankle and bend your elbows as well.
  • Then place your upper body weight on your thigh.
  • Then spread your arm with chest extended and keep the pelvic rim raised while the rear rim lowered.

This exercise is effective to maintain the tone of pelvic muscles.

5) The Big O Home Method

This method is quite a fun way to tighten vagina at home. It can be practiced during sex and masturbation also. While practicing this method, a woman needs to squeeze the pelvic muscle during sex. Try to contract them forcibly each time your receives an orgasm. This way, you can also prolong the duration of orgasm.  It strengthens the muscle of vaginal wall.

You can also squeeze and relax your pelvic muscles as you recognize that your partner is reaching the climax. This squeezing and relaxing will also make sex more pleasurable for your partner.

Some women can also manage to masturbate without using hands or any sex toy. It is all because that, they have good enough command of their pelvic floor muscles.

6)  Vaginal Cones

This involves a process where one fits a cone into her vagina and then tries to hold it to strengthen vaginal muscles. The cones come in different sizes and weights. Therefore, begin with the lightest one. Insert it into your vagina and hold it into place with your vaginal muscles.

Continue the procedure for about 15 minutes twice in a day. If holding the cone becomes easy for your vaginal muscles, it is time to move to another heavier one. Consistent works out will result in satisfying results and tighter vaginal muscles as this procedure requires a lot of time and effort to achieve satisfying results.

7) Ben-Wa Balls

You can also perform Ben-Wa Balls to tighten your vaginal walls. This procedure is very popular because it can be done easily at home. Each ball has some weight. These are inserted into the vagina. You have to tighten the pelvic muscle to keep them in. After insertion of balls, you can squeeze the legs and pelvic muscles to keep them in. The balls are then pushed inside the vagina to make it tighten. Over a period of time, you will have complete control on your vaginal walls and you will also feel the difference between a tight and firm vagina all by yourself.

8) Vagina Tightening Exercise

This is the basic exercise which is performed to tighten vagina at home.

All you need to do is to hold the breath for few seconds and then contract the muscle of vaginal wall then release the vaginal muscles as you exhale. You can perform this simple vaginal exercise about 10-20 times a day.

This exercise can be done anywhere, anytime to recover an elastic vagina.

Method 2: Change Your Lifestyle

1) Hygiene Method

This is one of the basic principles to keep any of the body part healthy, including the vagina. For example whenever you go for a bath, clean vagina with care. You can use a gentle cleanser to clean and rinse your vagina. There are some herbal products available on the market that can be used to clean vagina and surrounding area.

You can go for those products specifically which are recommended to tighten the vagina. You can use herbal soaps, there are no side effects of herbal soap. Along with vaginal tightening effect, the herbal soaps also helps to eliminate the bad odor-producing bacterial flora.

Vagina has also the tendency to clean itself without using any cleanser but if you are considering using a herbal soap it is like icing on the cake. You can also use lukewarm water to clean the vaginal area.

If the soap is left inside then it may cause irritation in the vaginal mucosa. It is better to wipe the vagina from front to back side. It is also important to maintain a good hygiene during menses.

2) Wear Cotton Underwear

When it comes to the discussion about natural ways to tighten vagina then cotton underwear can't be neglected. As cotton dries very fastly and it also allows better air exchange with the environment. Thus preventing anaerobic conditions. Anaerobic conditions facilitate the growth of foul smell producing bacteria. So, it is very beneficial to wear cotton underwear that allows the vagina to breathe well.

3) Keep Your Legs Adducted

This is very beneficial tip for vagina tightening. All you need to do is keep your legs as close as possible while having intercourse. You can also stretch your vaginal muscle along with it.

Method 3: DIY Vagina Tightening Home Remedies

Pick a DIY Vaginal Care Regimen

1) Gooseberry

The method of using gooseberry is quite easy.

  • Boil approximately 10 gooseberries in the plain water until the solution becomes opaque.
  • Then pour it into a clean bottle and keep the bottle in a cool place.
  • Apply this mixture in the vagina before taking bath. 

You are supposed to do it on daily basis to tighten the vaginal muscles effectively and quickly. You can also add some gooseberries in your diet.

2) Aloe Vera Gel

It came out to be very effective and home based treatment for loose vagina. Aloe vera gel is also helpful in other conditions like skin rashes, pimples. You can take the secretions of an aloe vera leaf and then apply it to the vaginal innards.

To get the best results, apply aloe vera gel few times a day. Using the aloe vera gel can also help to reduce the chances of vaginal prolapse.

3)  Vitamin E

It is one of the essential vitamins, that is required for proper functioning of the body. It is also recommended for diabetes and pregnancy-induced hypertension. But one fact about Vitamin E has not known to many women that it acts as a moisturizer. It treats the vaginal dryness very effectively and Vitamin E also helps to make vagina strong and healthier, if used correctly.

You can follow these simple steps to put Vitamin E in your vagina.

  • Check the patency of packaging. If you have long nails then ensure that the capsule is not broken while inserting into the vagina.
  • Clean your vagina with herbal soaps and slowly insert the capsule into the vagina while lying down or standing.
  • Don’t break the capsule, as vaginal pH can easily absorb the oil from it.

This is the most effective way to tighten loose vagina naturally which should not be ignored.

4) Black Cohosh extract

It contains some phytoestrogens that are helpful to increase the vaginal elasticity. All you need to do is to take the extract from the plant and apply it in the vaginal area. It is required to apply on daily basis.

This method is highly recommended for those women who are above 40 years.

5) Pueraria Mirifica

This herb is quite popular for its capacity to enlarge breasts. It is also good for vagina. The extract contains plant origin estrogens that is good for tissue renewal of genital and pelvic regions.

6) Curcuma Comosa

It is the flowering plant which has an amazing effect on the vagina. Regular use of Curcuma Comosa decreases the chances of vaginal prolapse. Application of Curcuma Comosa is very easy. All you need to do is to take the juice of Curcuma Comosa roots and apply it to your genitals.

If you are using it regularly then the better outcome is likely to expect.

7) Oak Gall

It is a Thai herb, well known for it vagina tightening properties. It can also be used as a powder. The chemical ingredients are tannins and plant origin estrogens. These help to increase the elasticity of loose vagina and make the vaginal wall more firm.

The extract is applied locally into the vagina. For better results apply it daily and before bath.

8) Witch Hazel

This is one of the most effective herbs to treat loose vagina. The plant component used as vaginal tightener is bark. The bark must be broken into the fine powder before applying it. The finely powdered form of bark is mixed with water to make a herbal solution.

This herbal mixture can also be used to wash the genitals once a week on the regular basis even if you don’t have a loose vagina. Being a great styptic, witch hazel is used for restoration of the elasticity of vaginal muscles for centuries.

9) Secret Ceres

This is an herbal organic stick that is very potent and performs to cleanse and tighten the vagina internally. There are many advantages of using this stick like

  • It increases the libido and sensation.
  • It rejuvenates the dry vagina.
  • It helps to eliminate the foul odour from vagina.
  • It also helps to re-balance the pH level of vagina. 

Method 4: Dietary Modifications

1) Eat Healthier Foods

It is basic knowledge that when you eat healthy foods, you rejuvenate your body tissues from muscles, tendons, bones, to ligaments. However, different foods have different results. It is thus important to have knowledge of foods that will help you as a woman to tighten your vagina and make your life better.

Remember, one cause of a loose vagina is aging in women which leads to low production of estrogen causing a woman to have thinner, less acidic, drier and less flexible vagina according to MedlinePlus. Therefore, if you eat foods which have higher levels of estrogen, you will be able to achieve a tighter vagina and reduce effects of losing that hormone.

Moreover, you need to eat foods that strengthen bones to avoid having pelvic issues. These foods include apples, yams, pomegranates, whole wheat, red clover, lentils, sesame seeds, soybeans, flax seeds, oat, nuts and tempeh among others.

2) Intake of Organic Protein

A woman with the loose vagina should consume organic protein rich diet. Organic protein helps to rebuild and heal the injured muscle. Nowadays, more often we consume junk foods that are deprived of nutrients. If you consume organic food then it accelerates the muscle growth including pelvic floor muscles.

Here is a tip for you, beef is an effective muscle builder.

All you need to do is to add more organic protein in your diet. And you will soon observe its effect.

Its application to vaginal wall makes vagina firm.

3) Yogurt

All the women with loose vagina can increase the intake of yogurt. It contains essential nutrients that provides good bacteria and essential nutrients for vaginal health.

In addition, consumption of yogurt on daily basis increases the immune response and decreases the risk of infections.

4) Garlic

This is the very important tip for vigina tightening home remedies. To make it more effective, it is must to know precisely about it. Garlic is also effective in preventing infections caused by yeasts.

The best way to use garlic is to consume it raw or in cooked form. You can consume it few times in a week. It helps to make vagina strong and healthy.

Garlic also helps in eliminating the bad odor from the vaginal area.

Method 5: V-Tight Gel + Vagina Tightening Program

This is by far the most effective way of tightening and strengthening pelvic floor muscles. It does not involve any strenuous physical activity. This cream works immediately after a few minutes of its application, give some short term effects, however, long term effects can be achieved with prolonged use.

Apart from having immediate results, what makes this cream exceptional is that it is made from natural and clinically proven ingredients, which are safe to use and capable of restoring the firmness of your vaginal muscles. The V-tight gel is easy to use. Squeeze the gel on your fingertip and apply it onto the walls of your vagina gently. After few minutes, you will be able to feel its positive effects.

Do’s and Don’ts of DIY Vaginal tightening Routine


  • Maintain proper hygiene of perineal area. Keep it clean and dry.
  • Practice routine exercise which strengthen pelvic floor muscles like Kegel exercise, Yoga, Squats, etc.
  • Wear soft and comfortable undergarments. Cotton underwear is most recommended because of its moisture absorbing capacity.
  • Use only scientifically proven and researched products for vaginal area. Because some product might affect the vagina badly.
  • If you are using any home product like Oak Gel, secret ceres or Black cohosh then take care of its purity and make a sterile solution.
  • While applying any formulation to the vagina, please clean your vagina and hand with antiseptic soap. 


  • Keep in mind, never ever follow any myth about loose vagina, like sex and sports activity causes loose vagina. Don’t interrupt the sexual pleasure because of some random myth. 
  • Do not apply anything in the vaginal wall without proper knowledge and research, otherwise you might ruin your vagina badly.
  • Do not wear tight and synthetic underwear as they irritates the skin and can cause rashes. 
  • Do not use any product in excess because slowly the threshold of dose required increases gradually.

Use and Safety Guidelines for DIY Vagina Tightening Methods

  • Decide and stick to one exercise routine and avoid overstretching and overexertion of muscles. Increase the duration and strength slowly.
  • Before inserting anything like Ben-Wa Balls or Vaginal cones, clean them properly with antiseptic solutions and then apply some lubricant before inserting them into vagina.
  • Take care of septic measures while dealing with vagina.
  • Take care of proper dosage of the product you are using. If you have prepared it at home then follow the essential steps to make it, like gooseberry paste. Essential steps include maintenance of boiling temperature, time and pressure requirements. 
  • Store the gel or solution in cool and dry place.
  • Eat healthy and natural foods. Do not run after pure supplements like protein powder. 
  • Do not scratch the vagina or pelvic area in case of itching.
  • Always take an allergy test before using any product or natural extract, either by mouth or topically.

Top Pro Tips for Effective and Faster Vagina Tightening Results

Here are some pro tips for you to accelerate your vaginal tightening results without affecting vaginal health.

  • In order to achieve a tight vagina, you are supposed to maintain proper hygiene. Increased moisture and bad odour in pubic area can cause infection to genitals. Clean your private parts with antiseptic soap and remove the pubic hair frequently. Because increased length of pubic hair interferes with cleaning.
  • During monsoon and in humid areas, change your underwear frequently. Wearing wet undergarments will increase the chances for bacteria to grow.
  • Keep your body hydrated, drinking plenty of fluids helps to rush out the infection and maintain pH of vaginal area. 
  • Regular exercise along with dietary modifications is very essential. for long lasting results and to rejuvenate vagina like it was earlier. 
  • For permanent and long lasting effects it is recommended to work with the combo of exercise, dietary modifications and V-Tight gel. Each of the remedy has its own way to tighten vagina. Together these will supplement the effects of each other and help to get a tight and elastic vagina. 
  • Change your underwear immediately after workout. Sweat and water with increased temperature are predisposing to bacterial infection. So it is good to change the underwear as soon as possible.
  • Wipe your vagina from front to back. If you are doing it opposite then you might give a chance to gut bacteria like E. coli to enter into vagina.
  • Soak yourself in diluted vinegar. You can fill the bathtub with warm water and then add four cups of vinegar in it. If you are worried about the taste of down there. Then use apple cider vinegar. It helps to maintain pH and taste as well. 
  • Avoid stress, if any! You can limit the unnecessary strain by learning to life heavy weight properly, maintaining the proper body weight.
  • Spend minimum time for bowel movements and sit in squatting position, because puborectalis muscle (bowel control muscle in charge) is fully relaxed in squatting position.


If you have a work cut out routine, you can practice either Kegel exercise consistently as it is effortless or go for the most recommended and easy to use procedure; the application of V-Tight Gel. Whether you stick to a proper diet, squats, yoga, Kegel exercise, V-tight gel or vaginal cones, just make sure that you are comfortable with the procedure you opt for.

It is also important to know that in some cases to achieve quick and effective results, you need to combine two or more of these procedures to have that tight vagina. It is our belief that by going through this information your sexual life will not remain the same. You will be able to feel every inch of your partner’s thrust stimulating every sensation in your body and have explosive orgasm just like in your youth.