Kegel Balls: A Comprehensive Guide and Top Product Reviews

Kegel Balls

According to the human tendency, we don’t think about any bodily change or health issue until and unless it causes the serious effect on our lives. Same applies for loose vagina. We don’t consider the loose vagina as a problem until it affects our health or relationships. Health refers to urinary incontinence, UTI, constipation, vaginal wall prolapse and sexual pleasure. Sexual satisfaction is the pillar that maintains healthy relationship. Women want to avoid such issue due to various reasons like lack of confidence and social stigma to discuss such issues with other women.

What does Loose Vagina refers to-

It is basically pubococcygeus muscle that is fatigued and causes loose vagina. It is a skeletal type of muscle, which can regain its strength via some exercise.

This is where Kegel balls come into play. Kegel balls are one of the most popular and convenient way to tighten up the vaginal muscles.

Here we are going to tell you everything about Kegel Balls.

What are Kegel Balls?

Kegel balls are known by various names all over the world. Other names of Kegel balls are Ben wa, kegel weight, and vaginal beads.

They are available in various size, weight, and materials. The material most commonly used is silicone, glass or metal. The available size varies from marble size to bigger one.

These balls are inserted in the vagina and held there by contracting the pelvic muscles. Other benefits of using the kegel balls are intense sexual stimulation and strong orgasm. All this is because of strengthened pubococcygeus muscles.

Our top 5 recommended products at a Glance




Number of balls

Weight of Each Ball

Other Important features


Intimate Rose kegel Weight

Silicone, BPA- Free


25g, 40g, 60g, 85g, 105g, 125g

No ridge or groove for Bacteria trapping


Adorime Ben Wa balls

Silicone, BPA and Phthalate free


15g, 25g, 35g, 55g



Injoy’s Kegel Exercise Kit


2 One Single and One Double

40g, 80.5g

Waterproof and Hypoallergenic


K-fit Kegel Toner

It is an EMS device

It has vaginal probe, device and wire.

Device sends electrical signals via probe

11 pre set programs available


Kegel by Joy ON Toys

Antibacterial Silicone

Single vibrating ball with bluetooth connectivity

Vibration intensity is controlled via APP

Waterproof & non-porous

5. Kegel by Joy ON Toys: Modern Kegel Technology

  • Technical Details: It has a vibrator, which can be controlled via smartphone APP, with the help of bluetooth connection. The battery is rechargeable with the  battery life of three hours.
  • How to use: The recharged device is connected to the smartphone via bluetooth then insert the ball inside vagina and then send the desired vibration signal via mobile application.
  • Working: It works on the principle of mechanical stimulation and sends vibratory signal to to the vaginal muscle. It operates on four patterns of  manual vibratory setting; wave, steady, intermittent and crescendo.
  • Recommended Exercise: It is recommended to use this kegel device for 15 minutes a day consistently throughout the month to get the desired effect. 


  • High quality and soft material.
  • Extremely helpful customer service.
  • Cost effective and fast results.


  • It has single massage setting on manual mode. 
  • Printer manual is short and don’t has complete instructions. 

4. K-fit Kegel Toner: Fun and Relaxing Device

  • Technical Details: It is an EMS (electrical muscle stimulator) device, designed especially for women who are seeking fast and effective results. It is an ergonomically designed device.
  • How to use: The vaginal probe is once inserted in the vagina and the toning handset is clipped in the belt, you can easily go for the daily life activities, just set the settings as per your needs.
  • Working: It works by sending the signal to the nervous system which mimics the action potential, thereby causing muscle contraction.
  • Device Settings: It has 11 pre set settings, out of which You can select and proceed as per your requirement and level. 


  • It does not cause any pain sensation to the vagina.
  • The probe can be rotated for homogenous muscle stimulation, so that all muscle fibres can be stimulated during the exercise.
  • It can stimulate upto 90% muscle fibers, whereas regular kegel balls or kegel exercise can stimulate only 40% muscle fibers effectively.
  • It can be used while lying down on bed because it is independent of gravitational pull of kegel weight. 


  • The manual available with the device provides very less information like length of insertion and which setting to choose in which situation.
  • Muscle may get fatigued due to overexertion, because of depletion of neurotransmitter.
  • It is an electric device so in case of short circuit, it can give electric shock as well.
  • It can not be used with lubricant, because lubricant acts as insulator for electric signal conduction.
  • It can not be used if you are fitted with IUD or if you have a pacemaker. 

3. Injoy’s Kegel Exercise Kit: Very Safe and Easy to Use

  • Material: It is manufactured with stainless steel medically safe silicone, which is hypoallergenic, odor-free and convenient to use. 
  • Package: The package includes two sets of different kegel balls; one is single 40g ball, other is double kegel balls of 80.5g each. The package also includes a resistance band, storage band, a manual and free lifetime warranty.
  • Great for: The single ball is ideal for beginners while double kegel balls set is perfect for the more advanced type of exercises.
  • Design: The design is in the form of string loops, which makes them easy to insert and remove.


  • Double ball design gives intermittent contraction and relaxation to the pelvic muscles.
  • Material used is tested for its safety.
  • Regular surface is resistant to bacterial colonisation. 


  • Some women might find size of balls large, which causes difficulty in inserting these Kegel balls.
  • If size is larger then forcefully pushing the balls can be painful.

2. Adorime Ben Wa balls: No More Struggles With Laughing and Coughing

  • Ideal for: This one adorable set of Ben Wa Balls is made especially for women, who struggle with poor bladder control while laughing, sneezing, coughing and doing Valsalva maneuver.
  • Material: The material used is BPA and Phthalate free Silicone.
  • Safety factor: The material is not porous, which prevents invasion and collection of water and bacteria.
  • Package: The package includes a set of four kegel balls and a complimentary lubricant.
  • Daily activity recommendation: It is recommended to use these kegel balls for 15-30 minutes every day to get desired results.


  • The weight difference between each ball is very less, which makes smooth promotion from beginner to advanced level.
  • The insertion is forceless, because of nearly perfect size.
  • Smooth surface helps in easy cleaning and drying. 


  • Instructions given with the balls are not as per very clear and difficult to interpret. 
  • These may slide out easily while walking, if the vagina is very loose. 

1. Intimate Rose kegel Weight: Best Recommendation For Beginners

  • Package: The package includes six different kegel weights with different color coding. 
  • Best for: It is best for beginners and experts independent of age.
  • Daily exercise requirement: 15 minutes of these kegel balls can replace an exercise of 100 Kegels recommended by the doctor.
  • Material: The material here used is silicone like other kegel balls. It can help you to prevent vaginal prolapse, treat urinary discharge and loose vagina.


  • The material used is hypoallergenic.
  • Transition from beginner to expert level is very smooth, as the weight difference is very less between two consecutive set of kegel balls.
  • Product comes with detailed guidelines.
  • Surface is smooth, which prevents colonisation of bacteria and makes its cleaning very easy. 


  • Design is in the ovoid shape, which makes them prone to slip from loose vagina.
  • Maximum weight is too light, so some of the women might found it useless after sometime. Especially those who are at expert level already.

Kegel Balls Buyer’s Guide - Everything You Need to Know!

There are lots of products available in the market, each one is claiming to be perfect  but after all, you are the one to decide which one is made for you, since there are a lot of factors which need to be considered as weight, size, material and ergonomics of the product.

Each user is different in terms of requirements, so while buying kegel balls you are the one to compare between different products and set your priorities.

Here we are going to guide you about choosing and using the products. Later on, we will also discuss some frequently asked questions about kegel balls.

So Let’s get started...

How to Choose Right Kegel Ball?

Complete knowledge is required while choosing a kegel ball. You can not trust some random advertisement for your vaginal health while choosing kegel balls you need to look for its:

  • Size
  • Weight
  • Design

These three factors are important yet very tricky to choose for each woman, Here we’re further guiding you about making the best choice.

Choosing Right Size

Kegel balls are available in different size options, so you need to know your size requirement before buying kegel balls. A perfect kegel ball needs to stay in vagina for longer duration without slipping off and should produce the required result.

Here is an easy guide to know your internal size. You can know your vaginal diameter by using per vaginal examination by yourself or by looking for some quick indications mentioned below:

  1. Previous caesarean delivery: Small or medium size balls
  2. If two fingers fit in vagina side by side: medium size balls
  3. If more than two fingers side by side can be accommodated easily: Large size balls
  4. Previous vaginal delivery or if small tampon slips easily: Medium or large internal size.

Choosing Right Weight

Various weight category balls are available. In ideal conditions, it is recommended to start from small weight and then progress onwards. Light weight makes you habitual to kegel balls when you are at beginner level. You can comfortably lift small weight without facing much difficulty. Here are some quick tips:

  • If your pelvic muscles are weak then you should start from light weight and then progress further. 
  • If your pelvic muscles are strong then you can go directly to heavy weight.
  • Pelvic muscle strength is reflected by urinary incontinence. If you want to know the strength of pelvic muscles very precisely then ideal option is pelvic muscle electromyography.

Kegel Ball Design

Kegel balls are normally available in two basic designs:

  1. Single ball: These are perfect for small internal diameter, because the weight is lightest, which is perfect for beginners as the vaginal muscles are not so strong to hold heavy weight initially.
  2. Double Ball: The two balls are holded in a frame. These are medium to heavy weight with medium to large diameter. These balls are perfect for those women who want to continue with kegels to advanced levels.

How to Use Kegel Balls?

Before using any kegel ball, it is very necessary to make them free of any infection causing bacteria. So clean them thoroughly and allow them to dry naturally. You can use some water based lubricants for easy insertion. Here is a stepwise flowchart to follow while using kegel balls.

Benefits Of Kegel Balls

  • They helps to make the vaginal and pelvic muscles strong.
  • They increases the sensitivity of vagina. Thereby, helps in intense sexual arousal.
  • They helps to reach orgasm easily.
  • Urinary bladder control is improved.
  • They helps to increase the sex drive and makes the sex pleasurable for both of the partners.
  • Control on vaginal muscle is increased. You can later contract them during sexual intercourse for intense pleasure.

How Does Kegel Balls Work?

Vaginal wall is stabilized by pubococcygeus muscle which is basically a skeletal muscle and is under voluntary control like others. Kegel balls help the vaginal muscle to gain strength in the same way gymming and exercise helps to increase muscle mass and strength.

Kegel balls are simple and effective accessory for pelvic muscle exercise. They help to gain strength and increase muscle mass. This increased muscle strength helps to get rid of urinary incontinence and improves bladder control. On the other hand strength and mass of pubococcygeus muscle helps to regain its elasticity and deliver many other benefits.

Kegel Balls During Pregnancy

Are kegel balls safe during pregnancy? This question always confuses a lot of women. Pregnancy is very delicate phase, Using kegels is quite safe but you need to take care of some precautions as well.

Kegel balls during pregnancy helps in following ways:

  • It strengthens the pelvic floor muscles thus, reducing the chances of vaginal prolapse.
  • Bowel and bladder movements are regulated thus, chances of hemorrhoids are decreased.
  • Better support is provided to the growing baby.
  • It minimises the chances of episiotomy requirement during childbirth. 

Here are some special instructions for you to use kegel balls safely during pregnancy:

  • Always void urine before inserting kegel balls. 
  • Avoid taking assistance from abdominal muscles and gluteal muscle. Only muscle which needs to keep working are pelvic floor muscle.
  • If you want to go for micturition, then better remove them first. Because if balls have string attached, it might increase the chances of urinary tract infection.
  • If you are already suffering from urinary incontinence then try to squeeze your pelvic floor muscle. It will keep the kegels in position and also prevents the urine leakage.
  • Take complete aseptic measure while cleaning and using the balls, otherwise you might land up serious complications due to infection like chorioamnionitis.
  • If you are feeling like torn out and suffering from bleeding or leakage per vaginum, then better avoid using kegel balls and consult your doctor.  

Can you sleep with Kegel Balls?

Sleeping with kegel balls is also a confusion among many women. But we want to tell you that sleeping with kegel balls is not a problem at all. Because:

  • The material used in manufacturing of kegel balls is usually hypoallergenic, which does not has any absorbent properties like tampons. So there is no risk of infection or toxic shock syndrome using kegel balls.
  • Size of kegel balls is quite significant, so there is no chance that you will forget about them in morning after putting in the vagina. They are quite noticeable.
  • They are not degradable, since a degradable product provides a good culture medium for microbes to grow.

FYI: Using kegel balls while sleeping is not so much helpful with the pelvic muscle strengthening, because of relaxed muscle during sleeping. It is like loading muscle with some weight without any movement. It is not productive to sleep with kegel balls in terms of vaginal tightening as well but you can sleep with them if you want.

Safety While using Kegel Balls - It Matters!

  • Quality: A kegel ball with poor quality erodes very quickly and affects the vaginal mucosal lining in terms of allergy and ulceration.
  • Material: Good quality kegel balls are made with body safe phthalate free silicone. Phthalate can be used by some manufacturers for increasing the durability and for softening the balls but it still remains controversial about phthalate safety concern. So it is advised to use phthalate-free kegel balls, for the sake of safety.
  • Cleaning: A kegel ball must be cleaned well before using it. All the septic measures must be taken, otherwise you might end up with infection to genitourinary tract instead of strengthening the vaginal muscle.
  • Lubricant: Some silicone based and petroleum based lubricants can erode the ball’s surface. So it is always recommended to use water based lubricants.
  • Safety: Always use the product which is safe to use. Among many other factors, FDA approval assures the product safety.

User Checklist - Few But Important Points

Consider the following points while going for a kegel ball:

  • Correct size of ball as per your internal diameter of vagina.
  • Appropriate weight of kegel ball, according to the pelvic floor strength.
  • Flexibility to increase additional weight. A kegel ball set which has multiple weights in it is the best one.
  • Always look for the quality of material used.
  • The material must be safe and free of phthalates.
  • Easy cleaning and hygiene maintenance. A kegel ball which has crease or groove in it, must be avoided as, it gives a site for bacterial colonisation.

It is always better to go for best kegel ball as per your requirement otherwise you will end up wasting money and time.

Frequently Asked Questions about Kegel Balls

1. Does Kegel Balls Work While Laying down?

Yes, They do. But for more effective results it is recommended to use them while sitting or standing. Because in standing position your muscle will hold the kegel weight against gravity. It enhances efficacy and productivity of the kegel balls. But if you are using a kegel which is independent of weight like EMS device or mechanical vibrator, then you can use them while laying down too.

2. How Far The kegel balls should be inserted?

It depends on your vaginal sensation, you can put them throughout the vaginal length anywhere. It is best to put them at the area of least resistance, because that area is weaker and more dilated and also that part of vaginal muscle needs to gain more strength. During sexual act, you can also put them at the tip of cervix.

3. How to use Kegel balls during sexual act?

Firstly, don’t use them if you are not used to them, or else you would feel uncomfortable while using them. Once you are used to these balls then you can use during sex. You can also use a large ball during sex, but don’t push them much far. Their position will be adjusted by penis tip itself. Movement of Kegel Balls is also good for sexual pleasure, as it stimulate the G-Spot more effectively.   

4. How long can you keep Kegel Ball inside the vagina?

You should start with short duration of time. You can start with as short as 5 minutes when you are a beginner, but at expert level using kegel balls for 10 minutes and doing some active exercise along with them  is more than enough for you. If you want to wear them for longer duration, there is also no problem. You can continue your daily life activities after inserting them in vagina.

5. How to clean Kegel Balls?

You can use normal tap water with antiseptic soap. You can also use hot water along with soap but you need to wash, clean and dry them thoroughly  before inserting them again.


Some factors mentioned in the above content are to be kept in mind before buying a kegel ball. Before buying a kegel, it is very important to know about your size, material and weight requirement. You are dealing here with your vagina. Try not to compromise in terms of some bucks when it comes to kegel balls.

Do a thorough self examination, set your priorities as each product has some drawbacks and don’t forget to consult your doctor before using any such health related products, our best recommendation for you is Intimate Rose Kegel Exercise Weights. Live life without embarrassment!

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